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AcuSolve is a leading general-purpose finite element-based Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) flow solver with superior robustness, speed, and accuracy. AcuSolve can be used by designers and research engineers with all levels of expertise, either as a standalone product or seamlessly integrated into a powerful design and analysis application. With AcuSolve, users can quickly obtain quality solutions without iterating on solution procedures or worrying about mesh quality or topology.

AcuSolve's provides proprietary numerical methods that yield stable simulations and accurate results regardless of the quality and topology of the mesh elements. When combined with automated unstructured meshing, AcuSolve lets you analyze results quickly and helps explores the physics of your application.

Indeed, AcuSolve's single solver architecture and constantly evolving feature set provides a valuable tool to any company tasked with performing CFD analysis.

Key Benefits
Robustness - Most problems solved on the first attempt
Speed - Fully coupled solver on shared-memory and distributed parallel systems
Accuracy - Highly accurate in space and time while globally and locally conservative