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HyperCrash is a CAE pre-processor developed to support RADIOSS, Altair's non-linear finite element solver. Before HyperCrash was introduced by Altair, most of the dynamic analysis were done by testing or contracted out. With the introduction of HyperCrash, the dynamic analysis can be simulated to reflect real world testing.

HyperCrash is a robust pre-processing environment specifically designed to automate the creation of high-fidelity models for crash analysis and safety evaluation. Developed in cooperation with the industry's leading manufacturers, HyperCrash increases departmental efficiency and results accuracy through process driven workflows and automated model checking and correction.

HyperCrash includes a robust set of user-utilities for the most intricate crash and safety modeling tasks including; part replacement and positioning, dummy positioning and seatbelt routing.

Combining the power of an intuitive GUI with an automated set of proven crash and safety modeling procedures, HyperCrash enables users to realize unprecedented time savings while achieving high-quality, accurate results.

A few other features of Altair HyperCrash include:

Crash Industry Oriented Graphical User Interface

HyperCrash provides a highly tailored user interface for the creation, editing and set-up of crash and safety models. This streamlined interface is easy to learn and eliminates common errors by providing a powerful and solver-dedicated model checker.


HyperCrash is architected to pre-process multi-million element crash models efficiently. Database intensive operation such as model checking, de-penetration, mass calculation can be done quickly and accurately saving the user time.

Safety tools

Safety tools such as seat belt routing, dummy positioning, and seat deformation are available and easy to use. The complete setup can be done within HyperCrash, reducing the risk of error and improving efficiency.