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Altair Modeling Visualization - Altair HyperMesh

Altair HyperMesh is a high-performance finite element pre-processor that provides a highly interactive and visual environment to analyze product design performance. Honed by Altair for more than 20 years, HyperMesh has advanced geometry and meshing capabilities that allows rapid model generation. 

With the broadest set of direct interfaces to commercial CAD and CAE systems, HyperMesh provides a proven, consistent analysis platform for the entire enterprise. HyperMesh has advanced model assembly tools capable of supporting complex sub-system generation and assembly.

With a focus on engineering productivity, HyperMesh is the user-preferred environment for:

  • Solid Geometry Modeling
  • Shell Meshing
  • Model Morphing
  • Detailed Model Setup
  • Surface Geometry Modeling
  • Solid Mesh Generation
  • Automatic mid-surface generation
  • Batch Meshing

HyperMesh offers the following Capabilities

  • Best In Class Meshing
  • High Fidelity Meshing
  • Batch Meshing
  • CAD Interoperability
  • Composites
  • CAE Solver Interfacing

HyperMesh also makes available Collaboration Tools with the standard installation and work out-of-the-box.
Since Altair HyperMesh supports a wide range of CAD and solver interfaces, it is the favourite visualization software of many customers round the world.