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Altair Analysis and Optimization Software - HyperStudy

Altair HyperStudy is a design study tool that was developed for engineers and designers, who want to improve designs, run what-if scenarios, correlate test data, optimize difficult multi-disciplinary design problems and assess design reliability & robustness. Through its open interface system, HyperStudy enables users to run design of experiments (DOE), optimization and stochastic studies on models from numerous simulation codes such as nCode, ABAQUS, RADIOSS or Fluent.

Altair HyperStudy is integrated into the Altair HyperWorks environment, which makes it easy to set up, run and evaluate studies. The interaction with HyperMesh's powerful morphing capabilities is unique and shape optimization variables can be set up with only a few mouse clicks.

Industry-leading optimization algorithms, such as "adaptive response surface", "sequential quadratic programming" and "genetic algorithm" are implemented into HyperStudy. Therefore, HyperStudy finds the optimum design most efficiently.

Integrated with PBS Professional and other compute resource management systems, HyperStudy intelligently submits simulation jobs on available hardware resources. This ensures that study jobs are executed as cost- and time- efficiently as possible. Since its first release, Altair HyperStudy has set the standard for an open and easy-to-use simulation study environment.