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Altair Modeling Visualization - Altair HyperView

Altair HyperView is a complete post-processing and visualization environment for finite element analysis, multi-body system simulation, digital video, and engineering data. Altair HyperView combines advanced animation and XY plotting features with window synching to enhance results visualization. HyperView also saves 3D animation results in Altair's compact H3D format, so users can visualize and share CAE results within a 3D web environment using Altair HyperView Player.

Altair HyperView has an extendable library of direct model and results readers, enabling users to post-process and CAE analysis.

Hyperview facilitates a multi-window, multi-page environment that enables users to study several model configurations simultaneously. In addition, the superlative animation provided by the software makes it ideal for large scale models.

HyperView allows checking for correlations between two models or simulation and reality by allowing results to be overlaid within the same window.