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Altair Modeling Visualization - Altair MotionView

Shortened product development cycles demand that today’s multi-body system analysts study different system designs and complex loading scenarios in increasingly less time.

MotionView provides analysts and designers with an intuitive and powerful interface for studying mechanical systems. As the only solver-neutral modeling environment for multi-body dynamics simulation, MotionView's open-system design simplifies customization and automation by end-users. MotionView is ideally suited for cross-attribute optimization and provides advanced capabilities for efficient flexible-body system simulation.

Its built-in parametric modeling capability and open architecture allows users to quickly build, analyze, and improve mechanical system designs even before physical prototypes are available. Coupled with a next generation solver in MotionSolve, MotionView provides a perfect solution for your multibody dynamics simulation needs.

MotionView delivers an end to end solution for the entire mechanical systems simulation process through its powerful functionality, open architecture, direct interfaces to many CAD packages and CAE solvers. It's highly efficient and intuitive modelling provides optimal solutions for the generation of mechanical system models. 

The software allows analyzing and correlating simulation results and test data with state of the art visualization and data plotting capabilities.

MotionView's integration within the HyperWorks CAE technology suite enables users to efficiently create innovative and optimized designs within the same desktop environment.