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Altair Analysis and Optimization Software - OptiStruct

Altair OptiStruct is an award-winning finite-element and multi-body dynamics based technology for conceptual design synthesis and structural optimization. OptiStruct helps engineers and designers rapidly develop lightweight, structurally efficient designs by creating innovative concepts. By predicting optimal shapes of structures early in the design process using topology optimization methods, OptiStruct facilitates an analysis-driven design process that results in more efficient designs in shorter design cycle times.

OptiStruct helps designers and engineers rapidly develop innovative, lightweight and structurally efficient designs.

OptiStruct is used by thousands of companies worldwide to analyze and optimize structures for their strength, durability and NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) characteristics.

It accurately handles nonlinearity of materials, geometries, and contact for applications including gasket analysis, bolt pre-tensioning, rotordynamics and thermo-structural analysis.
As the design process advances, OptiStruct's powerful shape and size optimization capabilities can be applied to further improve design performance. Using highly advanced optimization algorithms, OptiStruct can solve the most complex optimization problems with thousands of design variables in a short period of time.

A few benefits of using OptiStruct include:

  • Accurate and Comprehensive Physics
  • Highly Parallelized Solver
  • Comprehensive Non-linear Solver
  • Most Advanced Solver for NVH Analysis
  • Better Performing, Lightweight and Innovative Designs
  • Optimization Enabled Solution
  • Seamless Integration into Existing Processes
  • Recover Valuable Engineering Time
  • Easy to Learn

OptiStruct provides the most comprehensive library of optimization responses and manufacturing constraints allowing the needed flexibility to formulate the widest range of optimization problems.