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NX for Design

NX for Design

Advantages / Benefits

Drive Smart Decisions with Latest Design Solutions

Now you can develop new and innovative products with NX Design solutions. NX accelerates and streamlines the product development process through the use of leading-edge technologies and design tools. Its working is different from solutions depending on CAD Platform only. NX offers the highest development discipline integration in collaborative and open environments.

Advantages related to Design

NX efficient, fast, and flexible product design

NX offers an efficient, fast, and flexible product design option. These are superior in productivity, versatility, and power. You work fast and in a highly efficient manner using full design range functionalities. This includes 2-D layouts, 3-D modeling, drafting, documentation, and assembly design.

Synchronous technology

Users can use data from different CAD systems and work seamlessly without difficulty. The use of synchronous technology in NX gives scope for utilization of models coming from other CAD sources. Modify and import CAD geometry using any source with efficiency, ease, and high speeds. For collaborative and multi-CAD designs, NX no doubt is the best choice.

Handling complex assemblies

NX offers capacity and power in relation to complex products. These design assembly tools are ever ready for dealing with the most complicated of assemblies. It can easily resolve issues for complex assemblies that come with thousands or more parts. Create full digital multi-CAD mock-ups using NX. This helps in the quick identification of different issues besides helping to resolve problems.

Integrated and automated designs validations

NX offers design validations in an integrated format. This allows you to fulfill both engineering and customer requirements. These integrated and automated designs come with total validation capabilities. You can opt for continued design monitoring for dealing with compliance issues related to industry and company standards. Now you can produce designs more easily in such a way so that it helps you to fulfill customer requirements and varied company goals.

Visual analytics

The presence of visual analytics in NX ensures improvements in decision-making capabilities. Such analytics and visual reporting help you gather process and product information instantly. Besides, it is also possible to visualize the impact of such products and processes in relation to 3-D design in real-time. PLM data visual synthesis accelerates design processes while improving decision-making in tandem.

What are the Design Benefits?

  • Gain 30% reduction in development time

Presence of breakthrough technologies related to NX coupled with a streamlined workflow and efficient interaction brings down the design time. Now, accomplishment of various design tasks becomes significantly faster than before compared to different CAD systems.

  • Introduce more products each year

Improvement in design output and productivity using NX leaves scope for an increase product development and a chance to explore new opportunities. Interestingly, you do not need more resources to achieve this anymore.

  • 35% reduction in time of delivery cycle

Through integrated design, tooling, manufacturing, and simulation NX helps to streamline and transform development processes. Use of the same data and knowledge is involved right from first concept to shop floor.