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Aerospace Defence : Sukhoi Design Bureau

Siemens Industry Solutions-Aerospace & Defence

A new stage in a 75-year history

A list of modern military jets would be incomplete without the internationally known Sukhoi aircraft developed by Pavel Sukhoi, an outstanding Soviet aircraft builder, his colleagues and followers. During its 75-year history Sukhoi Design Bureau has developed nearly 100 aircraft types and their modifications, with more than 60 produced on a full-scale basis. More than 10,000 aircraft have been manufactured, with over 2,000 exported to 30 countries worldwide. Sukhoi aircraft have set more than 50 world records.

Automotive : Ford Motor Company

Siemens Industry Solutions-Automotive

$100+ million in warranty cost savings

Innovation in the auto industry increasingly involves software and electronics. “The standard estimate is that 60 percent of vehicle innovation is now software and electronics, but we tend to believe it is even higher than that,” says Patrick Milligan, Ford’s senior manager for vehicle solutions. Ford’s Sync feature is a perfect example. This is an optional, in-car communications and entertainment system that gives drivers handsfree, voice-activated control over their mobile phones and digital music players.

Electronics : Xerox Corporation

Siemens Industry Solutions-Electronics

New PLM solutions help ensure success in a highly competitive industry

Xerox sells its products into a mature market where the competition is fierce and gains in market share are hard won. Like all the players in the high tech and electronics industry, Xerox is also dealing with an increasing number of mandates and regulations aimed at making its products less harmful to the environment.

Energy Utilities : PBMR
Siemens Industry Solutions-Energy Utilities

Using innovation to address the global energy shortage

The initial rationale behind PBMR is simple: there is a huge global requirement for sustainable energy. With the world’s energy demands increasing, a solution to the potential energy shortage is urgently required. Although wind, solar and wave energy sources have their benefits, they cannot currently provide enough power to address the shortage. And although fossil fuels currently provide 80 percent of global energy requirements, they pose a serious threat to the environment and undermine the Kyoto Protocol’s environmental targets.

Life Sciences : Integrated DNA Technologies

Market dominance is in their DNA Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) is the largest supplier of custom nucleic acids in the United States, serving academic, government and commercial researchers in biotechnology, clinical diagnostics and pharmaceutical development. The uses for IDT’s products, which are essentially small portions of synthetic DNA or RNA, include diagnostic tests for genetic and infectious diseases, research to discover new drugs and treatments, and producing safer and more plentiful agricultural products.

Machinery : Otto Bilhler Maschinenfabrik

PLM integrates entire machine development process Nearly every sales contact with Otto Bihler Maschinenfabrik starts with questions about sheet metal. That is Bihler’s specialty; the company is known the world over for its sheet metal expertise. Questions can involve either simple or complex manufacturing problems, but all must be solved economically and according to the technical requirements of the customer’s application using Bihler’s stamping and bending machinery and software services.

Retail : Black Diamond Equipment

Boundary-free product design Black Diamond’s equipment for climbing and skiing regularly wins awards for its innovation and quality. “This is partly the result of dedication, desire and diligence on the part of an incredible team of people,” says the company’s web site. “It’s also the result of each of us being climbers and skiers ourselves. We’re a company of users – it’s who we are. We’re the greatest dreamers about what could be, and the harshest of critics about what exists.”