Siemens Industry Software

Siemens NX for Manufacturing

Siemens NX for Manufacturing

Advantages / Benefits

Production success depends upon the thoroughness and quality of manufacturing plans. These plans should be accurate and complete during delivery to production for being truly effective. Siemens provides complete support during manufacturing plan, defining process and while taking it to the shop floors. The company offers expansive manufacturing solutions including computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), controller of machine tools, and design software for tooling.

Manufacturing Advantages
Integrated Software Equipment & Applications

PLM software from Siemens provides an expansive suite of NX software related to CMM, CAD, CAM, and CAE programming applications. This single system supports the full range of engineering manufacturing needs. Siemens machine tool Sinumerik controller helps you deal with the requirements of production automation related to manufacturing at shop floors and production of large batches.

Process and Data Management

Teamcenter provides process and data management allowing production teams to work with manufacturing engineering department using single information source. There is no longer any need for multiple databases, tooling management, reuse of proven methods, and direct work package connection to execution point.

Planning & Production Connection

Directly connect PLM and production systems and access planning data related to manufacturing from the shop floor. Through Teamcenter connection with system and shop floor achieve to manage and direct numerical control (DNC). It is possible to send information on the tool list and machining data for a CNC machine directly.

Manufacturing Benefits

  • Reduce machining time & NC programming
  • Improve part quality, accuracy, & surface finish
  • Reduce errors & production time
  • Increase deployment of new machine success rate
  • Maximize manufacturing resource use