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Simcenter for Simulation

Simcenter for Simulation

Advantages / Benefits

Ideally, simulation results should be available quick enough to impact critical decision-making regarding design. Most companies find it difficult to perform multidisciplinary, real-world simulations. Other difficulties arise due to simulation knowledge loss as well as the unavailability of engineering decisions from the past.

So what is the way out of such issues, which most companies face?

NX solutions related to simulation can directly address such challenges using Simcenter (NX CAE). It is the latest environment combining multidiscipline simulation with analysis best-in-class modeling. This also includes data integrated management with NX Nastran, which is a finite element solver, popular because of its strength in structural, static and dynamic solutions. Siemens NX CAE (Simcenter) does not necessarily depend upon NX CAD and as such can operate as standalone pre or post processor supporting multi-CAD geometry. When used in design environments where NX CAD is present, NX CAE shows additional benefits. This allows seamless data transfer between analysis and design teams. You can combine NX Nastran an FEA premium solver related to reliability, accuracy, and performance with NX CAE, allow it to work standalone. It is also possible to use it with third party preprocessors.


  • CAE Vision/Heritage

Siemens offers simulation, engineering solutions using such CAE brands as SDRC Ideas and Nastran. With a heritage, spanning across 40 years the company has expanded and strengthened their in-house technologies to deliver Gen Next CAE software.

  • Analysis Best-In-Class Modelling

It is possible to create a fast analytical model by using multi-CAD geometry using synchronous technology power. It contains the complete arsenal of commands related to geometry meshing and idealization.

  • CAD Geometry Seamless Association

CAE models have a close association with CAD geometry. This allows easy updates and analysis models in harmony with design changes.

  • Multidiscipline Optimization & Simulation Single Environment

Utilize simulation multidiscipline environment related to NX CAE for streamlining CAE workgroups and individual analysts. This helps you to find solution for multi-physics, thermal, motion, structure, and flow problems.

  • Teamcenter Out-Of-The-Box Integration

NX CAE offers out-of-the-box integration with Teamcenter for effortless storage, sharing, and reuse of processes, knowledge, and simulation data.

  • System Level Simulation and Modelling Focus

Manage and build efficient FE assemblies via multilevel approach for continued use of single FE component.

  • Powerful and Fast Solver

NX Nastran is a powerful and fast solver for efficient solving of large models.

  • Multisolver Open Support

Finite solvers as MSC Nastran, Abaqus, LS Dyna, and Ansys allow import simulation and analysis export models.


1. 70% increase in simulation productivity
Speed up the entire cycle of product development for increasing overall productivity. Now you can bring in increased number of products to the market. Other benefits include increased innovation, iteration in design and analysis, design alternative testing, and early critical decision making regarding designs.

2. Increased product quality
Easy analysis of trade-off related to multiple disciplines allows robust product development. Requirement reporting and tracking help you to track the performance of products accurately.

3. Reduce warranty & product development costs
Faster simulation signifies early feeding of analysis related to design and therefore significant cost reduction. High product quality brings down the warranty costs too.