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Teamcenter enables you to manage and share product designs, documents, BOMs and data. It uses standardized work flows and change processes to stream line efficiency throughout your organization. People can find, share, re-use engineering designs, documents and BOMs. Teamcenter can be used to manage requirements, include suppliers and connect engineering with manufacturing and service.

Teamcenter drives productivity across your global product development and manufacturing organization:

  • Individual and team productivity to do more with less
  • Application productivity for end-to-end PLM
  • IT productivity for greater return-on-investment

Teamcenter uses powerful new set of capabilities to increase productivity, from new Microsoft Office and Outlook integration to pre-configured IBM technology.

Various Functionalities of Teamcenter include:
Bill of Materials Management

Teamcenter helps you effectively manage the bill of materials (BOM) as a critical part of design and manufacturing by providing clear, current and accurate product definitions, specific to the needs of teams and users. Beyond engineering and manufacturing, you can use Teamcenter’s as-built capability to document physical products and prototypes, as well as support compliance, testing, warranty, support and service initiatives.

Compliance Management

Teamcenter gives you a complete environment to document, enforce and track regulatory compliance for the entire product lifecycle. With clear, documented regulatory requirements, managed and consistent processes, and an ability to track accountability; regulatory compliance can be embedded into your development processes.

Content and Document Management

Teamcenter brings your document processes into your PLM environment, synchronizing them with your product development processes and keeping content up-to-date with product changes. Providing an advanced Microsoft Office interface, as well as a structured authoring and publishing environment for SGML/XML, Teamcenter greatly reduces the effort to generate accurate, high-quality documentation that can be tailored by market, language, or product.

Engineering Process Management

Teamcenter gives you a single, organized, and secure source of product engineering and process knowledge. You can capture, manage, and leverage geometry and engineering data created by multiple CAD, CAM and CAE systems. By allowing different design teams to work together as a single entity – regardless of location – you can improve development time, quality and productivity.

Formula, Package and Brand Management

Teamcenter helps you manage your product branding, packaging, artwork, recipes and formulas in an integrated environment with the rest of the enterprise, providing you with a holistic view of your products. You can more effectively re-use data, respond to changes, collaborate on a global scale, and, ultimately deliver high performing products driven by customer needs and validated against business goals.

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

Teamcenter’s configuration-driven service data management, maintenance repair, and overhaul (MRO) capabilities can help you improve your service lifecycle management business. Configuration-driven MRO bridges the gap between your logistics, maintenance and engineering communities to help drive more profitable growth, leaner operations, and improved asset performance.

Manufacturing Process Management

Teamcenter gives you a single, scalable and secure source of manufacturing data that supports lifecycle processes from engineering through production. With a fully managed, single source of knowledge for products, processes, resources and plants, you can increase manufacturing’s influence on product innovation to drastically improve profitability, time-to-market and quality.

Mechatronics Process Management

Teamcenter gives you a rich environment for the associative development of mechanical, electronic, software and control (electrical-interconnect) technologies, within a single source of product and process knowledge that spans all four domains. With a common data model across engineering domains and a PLM platform to work with, your development teams can retain their mechanical, electronic, software, or electrical-interconnect focus, while working together in-context to meet overall development goals

Portfolio, Program and Project Management

Establishing control over your product lifecycle is critical to transforming your company’s processes of innovation to maximize value. Teamcenter offers a complete infrastructure for strategic portfolio planning, and program and project management that can be directly linked to detailed execution across the product lifecycle. Teamcenter helps you stop weak projects and fund good projects by providing continuous visibility into program performance to make informed product portfolio decisions.

Simulation Process Management

Teamcenter’s capabilities for simulation process management are specifically developed for engineers and analysts. With simulation-specific data, workflow, and process management in the context of a complete digital product development environment, your global engineering teams can be more effective.

Supplier Relationship Management

Teamcenter offers a portfolio of configurable supplier relationship management (SRM) solutions that allow you to more effectively engage suppliers, engineering and procurement in the sourcing and supplier management process. Teamcenter’s collaborative environment supports better cost management, as well as more effective product development and manufacturing.

Requirements Management

Teamcenter’s capabilities for systems engineering and requirements management help you improve the delivery of products that reflect the voice of your customer. By empowering all individuals and functional teams throughout the lifecycle with visibility to customer requirements and the knowledge behind them, you can deliver the right products to the right markets while achieving revenue and performance targets.

Constituents of Teamcenter PLM platform include:

Community Collaboration

Teamcenter’s community collaboration capabilities enable you and your global teams to share PLM information securely and work together across the entire product lifecycle. By breaking down the time, distance and cultural barriers to communication, you can save time and money by reducing travel. And your teams can work together more effectively to drive product development success

Enterprise Knowledge Foundation

Teamcenter brings together your company’s product, process, manufacturing and service knowledge in a single, comprehensive PLM environment to support global collaboration. Teamcenter helps you capture and deploy experience and best practices. You can realize rapid return on your PLM investment by quickly deploying Teamcenter’s tailored domain and industry-specific solutions. Teamcenter delivers all relevant product information to decision-makers throughout the product lifecycle to better synchronize efforts, increase productivity and achieve greater innovation

Platform Extensibility Services

Teamcenter provides a comprehensive set of configuration, connection and customization services to enable you to realize value from your Teamcenter investment quickly and cost effectively. You can easily tailor Teamcenter to fit your business without developing costly custom software. To enable enterprise-wide business processes, you can seamlessly integrate Teamcenter with other enterprise applications. Teamcenter can be extended with maintainable and upgradeable custom software to meet your specialized business needs

Lifecycle Visualization

Built on top of industry-standard JT technology, Teamcenter’s visualization tools deliver high-performance visualization and virtual prototyping capabilities that extended enterprises can use to validate 3D design components digitally, even when they’re created using multiple CAD systems

Reporting and Analytics

Teamcenter’s reporting and analytics capabilities provide a base on which to establish measure and analyze key performance metrics for driving processes and product improvements across the Product Life Cycle. By swiftly and accurately extracting, aggregating, analyzing and disseminating information from multiple sources, you can make better decisions