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Siemens Tecnomatix - Manufacturing Productivity Improvement

Siemens Tecnomatix provides PLM software solutions for the complete life cycle of manufacturing that spans planning, layout and optimization, simulation and production

With Siemens Tecnomatix, businesses can improve their planning activity of a manufacturing process. Simultaneously, it is also capable of driving manufacturing productivity in a number of different areas that includes commissioning and optimization of automation and robotics, along with manual configuration of the workplace, optimally placing equipments, and for the purpose of maintaining the flow of material.


As a comprehensive digital manufacturing portfolio, Tecnomatix innovatively links product engineering with all the different manufacturing details that also involves the process of design and layout, simulation and validation of the process and the manufacturing execution. The PLM (Product Lifestyle Management) foundation called Teamcenter is used for the purpose of creating Tecnomatix, making it the most versatile manufacturing PLM software that is presently available in the market.

The Advantages

Here are the advantages and the benefits that have made Tecnomatix the key for achieving success in today’s fast paced and highly demanding global markets:

Accelerate Marketing of the Product

It enables manufacturers to address the most pressing requirements, while allowing them to accelerate the marketing of the product, simultaneously meeting the customer demands with an improved efficiency.

Find Your Solution

Tecnomatix solutions are available for addressing a wide range of manufacturing disciplines. An Engineering service provider or other enterprises can always find a tailor-made solution, befitting its organizational objectives, which can also be further expanded to cater to its future requirements.

Validation and Partial Planning

Part Planning and Validation is an environment for different types of managed applications designed for process creation, management of association of tools, behavior optimization, and for generating flexible reports.

Validation and Assembly Planning

With the Assembly Planning and Validation capability of Tecnomatix, organizations now have the power to quickly define their processes of manufacturing, and also evaluate the processes, for arriving at the best manufacturing plans for their products.

Automation Planning and Robotics

Tecnomatix Robotics and Automation Planning is the perfect platform for leveraging the advanced and premium simulation and commissioning capabilities for a complete and comprehensive system level engineering and validation.

Plant Design Optimization

Tecnomatix Plant Design and Optimization uses effective design and communication principles for improving the cross-functional team collaboration. Standardized resources are also used within a data environment that is managed in collaboration.

Management of Quality

Now manufacturing organizations can also use Tecnomatix quality management for enhancing their Lean initiatives and Six Sigma. Tecnomatix quality management provides a graphical environment allowing organizations to analyze their dimension variation and also generate a CAD based machine inspection programs. These verifiable programs share authentic and quality data and are also capable of coordinating measuring machines and NC machine tools.

Production Management

Use Tecnomatix Production Management system for generating a complete picture of the available Lifecycle data for your manufacturing organization. It also equips you with the ability for a superior production management, with the added ability of accessing production data in the real time.

Manufacturing Process Management

Teamcenter foundation is used as a platform for building the Tecnomatix manufacturing Process Management system. It leverages a manufacturing unit to view and link different products and also between available plants, processes, and available resource information. Version, configuration, workflow and change management can also be managed and applied throughout the enterprise with revisions.


Tecnomatix, as a digital brand from Siemens Industry Software is capable of offering world class solutions for the entire breadth of the Lifecycle of a product and thus helping the companies in quick identification of the best strategies that boosts productivity and also lowers the production cost.

Automotive OEM

For Automotive OEM, Tecnomatix modular suite of solutions offers the complete management ability for the manufacturing operation and its related areas. Across a network of OEM suppliers and also within an OEM enterprise, all these solutions are capable of addressing and executing Body-in-White, paint, machining, assembly along with the Quality processes. Tecnomatix is capable of building a solid knowledge driven manufacturing foundation helping organizations increase their market share in this competitive global economy. Tecnomatix is being leveraged by automotive OEMs from across the globe for improving their Six Sigma and lean manufacturing initiatives. It reduces their operational cost, while improving the quality and transformation of their process of innovation for capturing the value of the PLM.

Automotive Supplier

As a modular set of solutions for automotive suppliers, Tecnomatix offers manufacturing supplier operations and information management. For the requirement of maintaining successful OEM relationships, Tecnomatix solutions address the critical needs of the suppliers for more effective quotes, launches and execution of the manufacturing process. As modern automotive supplying processes tend to get more sequential in their nature and more work is performed in ‘silos’, launch cost becomes a lot more unpredictable – but with Tecnomatix digital management solutions automotive suppliers can enable themselves with concurrent product and process development reducing both time and cost.

Defence and Aerospace

With the emerging need of standardization and integrated information technology environment the shape of information technology offering support to A&D market is also changing. As a world leader in Product Lifestyle Management or PLM software development, Siemens PLM Software offers the best of the lot digital management solutions. Tecnomatix immensely helps organizations in capitalizing on the opportunities generated by the dynamics of the A&D market. It also provides a flexible set of applications to A&D manufacturers that are interconnected through the manufacturing backbone and also integrate with the legacy systems of the organizations – capable of managing all manufacturing information that is generated during the Lifecycle of the A&D products.

Mechanical Engineering

Machinery and industrial space is also supported by Tecnomatix for complete manufacturing operations and information management with its modular set of solutions. Manufacturing challenges right from the beginning of the process creation till its execution with robotics, machining and assembly planning. Designed upon a robust knowledge-driven manufacturing foundation, Tecnomatix helps organizations in increasing their global market share by using an integrated network that also includes the supplier base of the organization. Organizations can also improve their six sigma initiatives and lean manufacturing while reducing their manufacturing cost. Better quality can also be attained by utilizing the value of PLM for transforming the process of innovation.

High Tech Electronics

For outsourcing business problems at a single plant and also in extended enterprise and corporate levels Tecnomatix from Siemens PLM Software is the perfect solution for high tech Electronics. It also offers solutions for manufacturing data management and design integrating it with New Product Information or NPI processes and shop floor production management. All these critical issues are addressed by Electronics solutions offered by Tecnomatix with its most commonly used MPM or Manufacturing Process Management.

Process Industries

One of the most popular MES and HMI / SCADA solutions in the world are offered by Siemens PLM Software that is capable of solution monitoring, controlling and supervising industrial processes and thus enabling the customers to attain perfection for their products and processes. Built upon advanced and open architecture, Tecnomatix delivers maximum flexibility of performance for its users in developing vertical applications for many different types of industries.