Stratasys Production Series 3D Printers

Stratasys Objet 350/500 Connex 3

Stratasys Objet 350/500 Connex 3


Objet 350-500-Connex3

This is one of the most multipurpose printers offered by Stratasys. It not only accelerates and expedites product development and production process but also allows you to build better than ever robust products through effective product design testing, facilitates rapid tooling to achieving utmost precision through various properties and pigments that bring about a solid product development.

Connex3 with triple-jetting technology gives you:

  • Great throughput for tooling and prototypes
  • Hundreds of two- and three-component Digital Material options
  • 14 base material options
  • Up to 82 material properties in a single build
  • Material hot-swapping for efficient workflow
  • Two spacious build-tray sizes