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AbuseSA - Managing the Threat Landscape

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As cyber attacks are continuously advancing in sophistication and frequency, the traditional security measures are not enough to protect organizations. Firewalls, IDP / IPS are all bypassed by today’s intruders, making it imperative to search for a more sophisticated security solution.

AbuseSA from Synopsys is a next-generation threat intelligence platform provides organizations with complete situational awareness. It is an essential tool for Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), Security Operations Centre (SOC) and Cyber Authorities.

AbuseSA assimilates, categorizes, and integrates threat data into actionable intelligence that lets users view and share information through an interactive, browser-based dashboard. The power of AbuseSA lies in its ability to analyze and contextualize threat information, ensuring that only the most relevant incidents are filtered. When any suspicious behavior is detected on the network, AbuseSA immediately raises a flag. The system saves menial intervention time by automatically undertaking remedial measures tasks that include sending an email, generating a report, or filing a trouble ticket. Your security team can take over now to mitigate the threat to your network.

AbuseSA takes a holistic approach in tackling network security issues on a real-time basis. The system has 5 different pre-built dashboards: timeline, matrix, map, event horizon, and raw data. Each dashboard is customizable and displayed beside one another in a single seamless interface, allowing defence teams to simultaneously monitor threats from multiple angles.

With an intuitive user interface and flexible report generation features, AbuseSA is the most powerful and versatile platform available.

Key Features of AbuseSA

  • Automated Data Collection - AbuseSA is protocol and format agnostic. Collect data from both internal and external sources across a multitude of formats.
  • Effortless Integration - Easily integrate with existing systems, like networking and SIEM monitoring solutions, to augment data and generate reports.
  • Actionable Intelligence - Transform a previously unmanageable stream of aggregated data into actionable intelligence.
  • Flexible Reporting Capabilities - Automatically generate uniform reports according to user specifications: format, language, time, etc.
  • Complete Situational Awareness - Spot incidents instantly through a real-time interactive dashboard with high-level visualizations and drill-down capabilities.
  • Enhanced Collaboration - Quickly share links or send actionable reports to colleagues and stakeholders.

AubuseSA is useful for CERTs, SOCs, and Cyber Authorities across various industries to accelerate abuse detection and improve security efforts.

“Community Emergency Readiness Teams” (CERT) refer to response teams that analyze cyber threats, broadcast cyber abuse warnings, and coordinate incident response activities.“Security Operation Centers” (SOC) refer to centralized units that monitor, assess, and defend organizational networks and technologies on an ongoing basis.“Cyber Authorities” also known as the Cyber Police refer to government agencies that are in charge of enforcing the laws of the Internet.
Reduce overall cost and time to remediate incidentsUse automation to ingest and parse massive amounts of events and data
Instantly view the overall state of your nation’s cyber health
Free resources from time-consuming tasks such as report generationIdentify and handle more threats
Selectively share real-time abuse information to stakeholders
Allocate resources to cases that require more expertise and skillsPreempt attacks that could put reputation at risk
Collaborate with nation-critical organizations to detect and block cyber attacks
By automating their abuse handling, CERT-FI was able to increase the amount of cases they handled by 2,000% within 6 years.Within a year, the national SOC collected 6 million raw events from which AbuseSA indentified 259 events, 16 of which were confirmed to be high severity cases.Cyber authorities share real-time abuse information with nation-critical organizations that are suspected to be under attack. Together, they detect and defend against cyber attacks that could put a nation at risk.